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search-engine-logos-330What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation often referred to as SEO is a key element when planning, designing and building a website in order to obtain the highest possible search engine rankings for your products and services.

The majority of traffic to a website will come from the popular internet search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. The higher up the search results a website features the more traffic will be delivered to the website.

Obtaining the highest possible organic search results is a key part of any website implementation.

Our SEO services are avalable for new build websites aswell as exisiting websites.


SEO Services

  • Research

    Our SEO services include researching and identifying keywords and search terms that will bring the most relevant traffic to your website. We are able to identify the highest number of search terms used for a product or service and the related search terms. Often people make the mistake of chasing after a keyword or search term that delivers very little traffic, It’s pointless being ranked first on Google for a keyword that only has 10 searches per month.
  • On Page SEO Optimisation

    Optimising meta data and site content is a key component in our SEO service. As search engine algorithms evolve the focus has turned to providing search results with relevant content to users. Using the correct meta data, page descriptions and relevant content has become increasingly important in obtaining good search rankings.
  • Off Page SEO Optimisation

    Building links and social signals is another key component in our SEO service. Links from other websites to your website are a major contributing factor in search engine rankings. Each search engine monitors the links pointing to your website. These links are called “backlinks”. Building quality relevant backlinks is the most important part of any SEO strategy.
  • Competition Analysis

    Using advanced SEO monitoring software we are able to analyse the performance of your competitor’s websites and there search engine rankings. Using the information from this analysis we adjust your SEO strategy to maximize the traffic potential and target high traffic keywords.
  • Performance Monitoring

    We actively monitor and adjust our SEO strategy in order to improve your ranking in the search results. Keyword and search term monitoring allows us to move resources to boost rankings on high performing keywords resulting in more traffic to your website.
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