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WordPress CMS

WordPress powers more than 17% of the web - a figure that rises every day.

WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system. WordPress powers everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites. 

At Plesk we use Wordpress as the content management system for websites that require regular updates. It's a great solution for news and event type websites.

Wordpress Features:


WordPress powers nearly a quarter of new sites today, is the content management system (CMS) of choice for more than two thirds of the top million sites making it the most popular on the web, and is trusted by content publishers both large and small including CNN and the NY Times.

Easy to use 

At the core of WordPress is a dumb-simple interface similar to the desktop publishing software you use today. With no coding experience or expert knowledge necessary, the learning curve is often about as short as typing in your site’s URL and logging in. In fact, most users are able to pick up the basics without any training at all.

Built for Publishing

WordPress makes sharing content and attracting readers to your site a breeze. Whether pushing content to social networks, ensuring that your website is provided in the optimal format to appear at the top of search results the moment you hit publish, or providing visitors the ability to subscribe to specific content sub-feeds in their favorite feed reader (or even via e-mail), WordPress is not simply a website, but rather a content-publishing platform. With a single click, you have a powerful megaphone to broadcast your message to the world.

Plesk have been using WordPress for many years and has extensive experiance of developing website's built on the WordPress CMS system. 

Please use the contact us form or call us on 04 399 2434 for more information on our WordPress CMS powered Websites.